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Olivier Roland The keys to freedom for entrepreneurs and intelligent rebels
Antoine BM Travel & freedom
Poissond Fécond Videos of a serious entrepreneur with a touch of humor
Grafikart Training videos on programming
Manuel Diaz Leadership, digital & lifehacking
Jean-luc Mélenchon An idealistic and committed policy. Can not stenchon the Mélenchon!
JamCore DZ Musculation, Motivation & Nutrition
Tibo Inshape Humor, sport & motivation
Bodytime Fitness lifestyle & Motivation
Anthony Nevo Business Motivation & Leadership
Olivier Seban Property investment
Road To Saiyan Evolution motivation & strength training
David Talerman Work in Switzerland
Autodisciple Personal Development & Experiences
Hasheur Cryptocurrency Information Channel
Léo Guillot Chain of information on marketing and e-commerce
Théophile Elliet Entrepreneurship, Success, Freedom


Dropbox To store all my administrative documents in the cloud
Skype To communicate free worldwide
Launchy To launch any software very quickly
F.lux To preserve the eyes (adjust the brightness according to the time of day)
Rescue Time To measure my productivity on a daily basis, it's magic! :)
Clavier+ To set up keyboard shortcuts
Photoshop For image editing
Sublime text A text editor (for code) that I recommend more than anything! Complete and fast
Winscp An FTP transfer software that allows to edit an online code
Focus Booster 25 min counter to increase my productivity and track my working time
Teamviewer For remote access to my pc
Hotspotshield For anonymous and secure browsing (VPN)
CCleaner To optimize and clean a windows PC
Bluestacks Android Emulator for PC
Google chrome My favorite browser
Windows 10 It's not software but the operating system I'm using


Paypal To make & ask payments easily
AirBNB For homestay accommodation anywhere in the world. Travel credit of 35 € offered at registration with this link
Amazon To buy everything I need
10fastfingers To improve my typing speed
N26 My Free Online Banking
Stripe Online payment system for individuals and professionals


Lastpass To automatically log in securely to my web accounts
Adblock To filter advertising
Livestyle To synchronize the css